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NIJL Aircraft Docking expanding to North America with local presence

NIJL Aircraft Docking expanding to North America with local presence

NIJL Aircraft Docking expanding to North America with local presence

With over 50 years of experience, NIJL Aircraft Docking (based in the Netherlands) has become a world leader in designing, manufacturing and turn-key delivery of lifting and transportation gear, steel and aluminium docking systems, stairs, stands, and working platforms.

NIJL equipment allow safe access to aircrafts enabling our customers to conduct miscellaneous activities on their fleet such as, but not limited to, aircraft maintenance, painting, assembly, repair etc. NIJL supplies both standard products for the most common access points on the aircraft and tailor-made stands as well as docking systems for specific customer requirements. As a result, NIJL is chosen for its expertise and experience by airlines and MRO’s around the globe.

With many years of successful delivery of commercial and military aircraft access solutions in North America, we have decided to take a next step. That is why we have partnered with Dean Calin.

NIJL Sales Manager located in North America: Dean Calin

Dean Calin is a sales and marketing professional with over 30 years of experience in the commercial aviation industry. He has worked on many, diverse projects, from acquiring a Boeing 757 for part-out, to managing a repair department for a US military contractor, to setting up the world’s first ecommerce aircraft parts portal. His B2B projects were recognized by Forbes, McGraw-Hill and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. 

He typically has brought solutions to airlines, MROs and manufacturers, interfacing with everyone. From members of customer’s C-Suite bunch to the hands-on maintenance crew. 

For the last five years he has worked exclusively with ground equipment and maintenance stands, designing and delivering fall protection and access solutions for a number of manufacturers. A notable sale was of a 787 Wi-Fi installation and maintenance gantry to Boeing Global Services in their Victorville, California Modification Center. He has brought the idea of working with modular systems such as this to NIJL, expanding the product offering in the US market. 

In addition to representing NIJL Aircraft Docking he is also representing complimentary manufacturers to provide customers with value-added proposals that solve all of their challenges in the hangar or shop floor. 

When not working in aerospace he has been traveling across North America and Europe singing with a maritime music vocal group. He has performed for six festivals in the Netherlands and has long felt it to be his favorite country to visit.

From now on Dean is your contact for NIJL Docking Systems and Ground Support Equipment in North America.