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Delivery of 10th Narrow Body Dock!


NIJL Aircraft Docking has a proven record with leading airlines, MRO’s and aircraft manufacturers and through close collaboration NIJL has gathered a wealth of expertise and practical experience.

As a result we have delivered our 10th complete A320/B737 docking system to our client in Latin America!

The NIJL Aircraft Docking full A320/B737/EMB docking delivery for on wheels / on jacks comprises:

  • A320/B737/EMB Nose dock:
    • PAX door + cockpit window access
    • Possible to open Radome with nose dock in place
  • A320/B737/EMB Wing dock:
    • Outer and inner wing dock area
    • Inclusive upper wing access stand
  • A320/B737/EMB Tail dock:
    • APU installation & removal possible with dock on place
    • Suitable for tail-in and nose-in docking
  • A320/B737/EMB PAX stands:
    • Wide platform
  • A320/B737/EMB Cargo stands:
    • Movable by one person
  • A320 Avionics stands:
    • Flexible Railing System (FRS)
    • Multipurpose use

All dock modules are ground mobile to allow either nose-in or tail-in configuration.

To find out more about our Narrow Body Dock Systems please contact us or use the form at the right side of this page.