Mission & Vision

Innovation drives us to create an efficient and safe work environment when bringing you to greater heights!

NIJL Aircraft Docking is a global provider of maintenance stands, platforms and docks for the aviation, train, automotive, truck, space and shipbuilding industries.

Our versatility comes from our extensive know-how on a wide variety of products. Whether a problem can be solved from our standard line or needs a tailormade product, NIJL takes control from design to installation and all the stages in between.

Our office is located in Zwolle, the Netherlands.


ISO 9001 certified

To meet all the requirements, we work based on certification. For quality we are NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 certified. To ensure safety, we work according to rules that at least meet legal and customer requirements and regarding the environment we work according to the principles of NEN-EN-ISO 14001:2015 and we comply with current obligations. Delivering quality and working safely, with extra attention to health, well-being, and the environment, requires effort and involvement from everyone within our company.


ISO 9001 certification NIJL Aircraft Docking