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Efficiency within MRO by using narrow body combination docking system


Needless to say that when conducting aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul services, engineers are of great importance. But the way how they can access the aircraft they are servicing is crucial; after all, the access equipment needs to be reliable and failsafe, as well as providing maintenance staff a safe working environment. Furthermore; efficiency by using the right equipment to get the job done determines whether money can be made from MRO services.

At NIJL, we understand that knowledge of all aircraft specifications and in particular the maintenance procedures and access requirements are key to designing a successful docking system.

Efficiency within MRO by using narrow body combination Docking Systems

Last October, leading provider of civil aircraft maintenance and repair services, Lufthansa Technik Sofia, has opened a new hangar at the Sofia Airport. We are very proud to have shared in this success story by equiping the Sofia hangars with three narrow body aircraft docking systems!
Particular strength within this delivery lies in the flexibility that we provided by delivering the A320/B737 combination docking system. This combination system provides efficient and safe access and can be easily fitted around the variety of narrow body (A320 and B737 families) aircraft that our client services.
Collaboration with Lufthansa Technik was established some decades ago, so we are no stranger to the maintenance requirements of big, national carriers and the responsibility that that brings. We also make use of 3D scanning technology, in which the data gained from scans of the different aircraft types, significantly helps to design access equipment, leading to improved accessibility and a reduction in design errors.

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