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Service Team on Tour

Service Team on Tour

In the last few weeks our Service team has been ‘on tour’ to various hangars to perform inspections and repairs to the installed docking systems and access stands. From Singapore, to Puerto Rico, to the UK;
Regular inspections maximize the equipment’s efficiency and extend its lifetime. Also, by performing preventative maintenance our team could detect failures of critical components in an early stage and therefor prevented costly downtime.

What’s more
‘Since more and more maintenance facilities are tasked with maintenance of a wide assortment of airframes we are often asked to check the possibilities of how the hangar equipment can cater for additional or new aircraft types.’, says Service Engineer Cor van Beek. When necessary NIJL can execute required modifications as well.

Contact us now at or call us now +31 38 202 8029 to schedule an inspection or discuss the possibilities to modify your equipment!