A380 Access Equipment

Aircraft type
  • A380
  • A330
  • A340
  • B747
  • B777

Complete package and full service for A380 Access equipment

NIJL Aircraft Docking has acquired a wealth of expertise and practical experience in collaboration with airlines and aircraft builders.
As a result NIJL has developed a complete package of access solutions to ensure faster, safer and sustainable maintenance to the A380 aircraft.

To illustrate our versatility and vast experience:
Leading airlines & MRO’s like Lufthansa Technik (Germany, Philippines), British Airways & Qantas have chosen NIJL to be their partner for A380 access equipment.

Complete A380 Access equipment available for A- to light C-checks, like:

  • Cargo access stands
  • Nose & body landing gear stands
  • Interior lifts
  • Rear door platforms incl goodslift
  • Under cowling stands, etc

Complete A380 Docking Sytems for heavy  C– to  D-checks, like:

  • Nose dock
  • Tail dock
  • Wing dock
  • Fuselage dock, etc

The A380 access equipment is also suitable for combinations with other wide body aircrafts, like B747/B777/A330/A340.

Watch our video! Fit check A380 Nose & Fuselage dock