NIJL Aircraft Docking offers quality in all phases from sales, engineering, production and installation to procurement and project management. We respect the environment in its broadest sense and aim to work in a sustainable manner with all our stakeholders. NIJL is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001.

Quality is the keyword within NIJL. Quality in the broadest sense of the word; not only the quality of the products and the process, but also the quality of the organisation, the environmental quality and the quality of the work conditions (health and safety) are considered of major importance.

All products and activities of NIJL correspond with the European health and safety directives. All NIJL products that fit within the scope of, for example, the machine-directive or the ATEX directive are CE marked and delivered with a certificate of correspondence and a manual (in the language of the buyer).

Our subcontractors are carefully choosen and need to be ISO certified.