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A330 GSE package

A330 GSE package

Fully loaded low-loaders with a GSE package for the A330 left the NIJL workshop in Zwolle on their way to a valued customer in Germany.

The packages includes:

FWD Pax / Cockpit window stand:

Height adjustable, for aircraft on wheels, with sliding floors and movable hand railings. This stand is multipurpose and suitable for the A320 | A330 | B757 | B767

Pax entry stairs:

Height adjustable stairs and multipurpose, because it is optimized for the A330 and B767.

Wheel well stands:

A left and a right hand stand, both fixed height and designed for the A330.

Main landing gear stands:

A left and right hand stand, both fixed height stands with adjustable hand railings. These stands are optimized for the A330.

Cargo stand:

For the front and back cargo door, equipped with sliding floors and movable hand railings, also height adjustable. This stand is suitable for the A330.


Soon we will deliver Under Cowling & Pylon stands (UCS rollercoaster) as well to this customer. 

In this specific case all stands are designed for the A320, A330, B757 and B767, but we can make the stands suitable for all aircraft types meeting all your requirements. Please contact us to discover all the possibilities.

Watch the UCS (rollercoaster) video