A350 Access Equipment

Aircraft type
  • A350
  • A330
  • Finland

Complete package and full service for European A350 launching customer

NIJL Aircraft Docking is proud to announce the delivery of a full package access stands to the first airline in Europe to operate the A350 XWB. With in-house engineering NIJL Aircraft Docking offers a full service package from design up to delivery on site, commissioning and training. With the advanced 3D scanner we were able to make detailed 3D aircraft scans before the A350 was launched to the airliner.


Hangars are full of equipment. Lack of space is an issue. Therefore, NIJL steps, stands and docking systems are designed to cater for several aircraft types.

A number of the A350 Access Stands are available in combination with other aircraft types.

Hence, by using one piece of NIJL equipment, you can access several aircraft types. This means less equipment needed, and therefore fewer expenses.

The A350 Access Stand delivery comprises:

  • Pax access stands – A350/A330 FWD + AFT PAX door
  • Pax + cockpit window access – A350/A330
  • Wheel well dock (1x LH + 1x RH) – A350
  • Cargo access stands – A350/A330 FWD and AFT cargo door
  • Undercowl stand - A350/A330
  • Pylon stair - A350/A330
  • Engine cone stand - A350
  • Fan blade stair - A350
  • Nose landing gear stand - A350
  • Main landing gear stand - A350
  • Mover for stairs
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