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One stair for both FWD & AFT Cargo Door Access


One stair for both FWD & AFT Cargo Door Access

Only one stair necessary to access the FWD and AFT Cargo Door, this stair is specifically optimized for the Airbus A330 MRTT programm, but can be optimized for any type of aircraft meeting all your requirements.

Specifications / technical data

  • The platform is equipped with fixed railing and with slidable/flexible railing on the aircraft side.
  • The aluminium anti-skid floor is an optimal balance between slip resistance and ergonomically working while on knees.
  • The platform has kickboard on three sides and the platform is surrounded with rubber padding to protect the aircraft skin.
  • A spring loaded locking device prevents the platform from uncontrolled downward movement.
  • The lower frame has Stabilizer jacks which are applied to elevate the wheels slightly from the ground surface, which results in stable and fixed position of the SFS stair on the ground for safe access.
  • Height in highest position: 3580 mm. (From ground to platform flooring)
  • Optimal mix of steel and aluminium for stable design and easy movement

The images show the A330 Cargo Stair in a low and high position, and you also see a close-up of the sliding floor. View more military access equipment. 

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