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APU lift; the Muscle stand

APU lift; the Muscle stand

APU installation, removal, maintenance and inspections with the APU scissor lift!

We designed an APU lift for light and heavy APU maintenance. Key benefits of this lift are the ease of use and safety! You only need one platform for all APU maintenance and there is no need for docking the aircraft only for APU maintenance.
The APU lift is a scissor lift with a wide platform, surrounded by fences for the safety of the maintenance engineers. Maintenance engineers can enter the platform via a fence that closes automatically after entering.
The APU dock is equipped with special safety sensors. The lift can only be moved vertically when the fences are locked. The large fence is intended for the use of a forklift. With a forklift you can lift the APU from the platform.


  • Tow bar included for transport with a towing vehicle
  • Two stairs for use on the platform are included
  • Platform is surrounded with padding that protects the aircraft skin
  • Equipped with special safety sensors

This special APU access lift is designed for the Airbus 330 and the Boeing 777. Designs for other aircraft types are possible as well. We are keen to inform you about the possibilities.