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Are you ready for A350 heavy maintenance?


It’s been nearly four years now since the A350 (XWB) entered service with Qatar Airways, the type's launch customer and over three years since the European launching customer Finnair received its first A350. In the meanwhile many airlines have operated the A350 aircraft who are heading up to their first heavy maintenance checks.

Since our customer’s success is fundamental to us, our dedicated team closely worked with operators and MRO’s to design a docking system for the A350 to perform these heavy maintenance C-Checks. We have also developed combinations with A330, B777 and B787 aircraft.

The NIJL complete A350 Heavy Maintenance Docking System comprises:

  • Wing docks
  • Nose Dock set (LH + RH)
  • Tail Dock incl. horizontal stabilizer docks and APU platform
  • Fuselage Stands
  • Fuselage Overwing Stands
  • Underbelly module
  • Access Stairs for Radome
  • Nose Landing Gear Stand
  • Passenger Door Modules
  • Main Landing Gear and Wheel Well Stand
  • Under Cowl Engine Stand
  • Engine Inlet Stand  
  • Cargo Door Modules

Are you ready to perform A350 heavy maintenance?

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