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Trim Horizontal Stabilizer & Generic Stairs

Trim Horizontal Stabilizer & Generic Stairs

Special Purpose Stair

Recently we have delivered another product to our customer Cargolux.
The delivery comprises the THS Compartment Access Stair, which is configured from our modular GSE maintenance stairs package.
This special purpose stair provides access to the Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Compartment of their Boeing 747 Freighter fleet.

The product features height adjustment to provide THS compartment access for the aircraft On Wheels and Levelled maintenance configurations.
The THS compartment door can be opened and closed from the platform bounded by an adjustable railing system for fall-protection.
The on-platform-operated railing system is adjustable to conform with the aircraft contour for ergonomics and safety.

Fixed height Stairs 

The demand is growing for safe-and-quick access solutions for aircraft maintenance.
Our modular GSE stairs feature robust stair design with high-speed wheels packages for towing towards the aircraft (25 km/h).
The ease-of-mobility and quickly configurable railing system contributes to our vision on ergonomics and safety.
Lately we have delivered various fixed height stairs to our customers for aircraft Line Maintenance.

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