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Continuously improving to surpass expectations


Needless to say that aircraft engine inspection and maintenance comes with challenges! The working space is limited and easily becomes unsafe. Besides that, maintenance damage can represent significant costs when damaged components need to be repaired or replaced. And that is only a small part of the cost when delay in maintenance time results in flight delay or cancellations.

To meet the industry requirements and to surpass our clients expectations, we continuously seek for new engine access solutions and improvement of our products.

A great example of this can be found in the new design of our Under Cowl Stand; In close co-operation with our client and taking their specific requirements regarding engine service into account, we offered them the best possible wide body aircraft engine Under Cowl Access solution.

The multi-functional NIJL Under Cowl Stand is specifically designed for engine access (inboard and outboard) without disassembling the engine fan cowlings. The stand caters for different wide body engine types and can be positioned in between engine and fan cowling. The work platform can be adjusted to the height that is needed to create an optimal, safe and ergonomically reliable working area. The Under Cowl Stand is also equipped with a slidable floor in order to service the engine safely at all locations. Even the difficult to reach engine cowling hinges can easily and safely be accessed.

With the cowlings closed the stand gives access to the Pylon as well.

With the advanced 3D scanner we are able to make detailed 3D aircraft scans to explore the specific maintenance needs for the indicated aircraft types. The translation of these scans result in the best possible safe and smart access solutions!

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