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Embraer E2 Entry Into Service (EIS) package available now

Embraer E2 Entry Into Service (EIS) package available now

NIJL Aircraft Docking is very proud to be one of the first to offer you a complete Entry Into Service (EIS) package for the Embraer 2 Jets (E-Jets E2). This package is suitable for the E175-E2, E190-E2 and the E195-E2 including combinations with E1 aircraft types. The first stands are already being delivered to one of our valued customers.

We offer a full service package from design up to delivery on site, commissioning and training. Our engineers have made innovative designs of several (height adjustable) stands.

The NIJL E2 Entry Into Services package includes:

  • Pax Door Stand
  • Cockpit Window Stand
  • Wheel Well Stand
  • Cargo Door Stand
  • APU Stand
  • And any other access (stands) required

All the access stands are in accordance with ISO 9001 / NCAGE CODE: H2BL2.

Lack of space is always an issue in hangars. Therefore designs NIJL Aircraft Docking stairs and stands with reduced footprint that cater for several aircraft types and aircraft areas. By using one piece of NIJL equipment, you can access multiple aircraft types and areas. This means that less equipment is needed and costs will be reduced.

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