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F35 platforms video


F35 platforms for maintenance and inspections

For the Dutch defense we designed a dock for the maintenance of F35 aircraft, the JSF. The docking system consists of nine separate mobile platforms that are connected to each other.

Safety guaranteed 

The platforms are positioned closely around the Joint Strike Fighter and follows the contours of the fighter aircraft with sliding floors, surrounded with rubber padding to protect the aircraft skin.

All platforms are equipped with safety fences, benefit of the fences is that maintenance engineers don't need safety fuses. 

Height adjustment mechanism

Maintenance on top of the aircraft can be carried out with these platforms and at the same time, engineers can perform inspections and maintenance to the lower parts of the aircraft (e.g. landing gear, wheel wells) below the platforms. Even when the aircraft is on jacks, maintenance can be carried out, thanks to the height adjustment mechanism.       

Watch the F35 platforms video, performed by Ton Sonneveld, Project Manager at NIJL Aircraft Docking.