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Fan blade maintenance becomes easy


Performing inspections and maintenance to the engine fan blades becomes easy with the Fan Blade Carousel. The carousel was specially designed for fan blade inspections, storage and maintenance according all health and safety rules.

On the photographs you will see two types of the carousel. The design was optimized for the fan blades of the Rolls Royce Trent 700 engine (engine type on Airbus A330) and CFMI LEAP-1A engine (engine type on Airbus A320-neo).
For the LEAP engine a carousel for 18 blades was designed, the carousel for the Rolls Royce engine was optimized for 26 fan blades.

Benefits of the Fan Blade Carousel:

  • Ideal for inspection of most vulnerable parts of the fan blades
  • The carousel rotates, so the maintenance engineer can remain in the same place
  • Fan blades in correct order in carousel
  • Brake to lock the carousel in right position

The fan blade carousel design can be configured for various fan blade types (aircraft engines). Please fill in the contact form on the right side of this page for more information.

Take a look at another Fan Blade Carousel optimized for the Ge90-94B and the Ge90-115B engine.