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Improving efficiency within the hangar

Improving efficiency within the hangar

Obviously a spacious hangar is key to success when performing MRO jobs. Nevertheless the people who perform the job and the tools they are equipped with are crucial. Using safe, sustainable and flexible working platforms will definitely accelerate the maintenance process and make your maintenance job more cost effective.

When a MRO facility is focused on a certain type of aircraft, aircraft dedicated equipment is most cost effective. But more and more MRO facilities are tasked with repair of a wide assortment of airframes and therefor need to be equipment with tools that cater for a variety of aircrafts.

For one of our valued customers in Europe we have recently designed a combination docking system that fits both narrow body as well as wide body aircraft types. The perfect example of how NIJL can improve efficiency of MRO activities in a hangar where a variety of different aircraft types enter.

On the photograph you will see another example of a combination docking system that caters for a large variety of airframes.

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