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Meet new colleagues: Martin en Bas

Meet new colleagues: Martin en Bas

In the photo you see from left to right: Chris Emmink (Manager Sales), Bas Brinksma (Proposal Coordinator), Martin Schiewe (Project Manager) and Ton Sonneveld (Project Manager).

As our company continues to expand, we are reinforcing our team with fresh talent. We're excited to introduce you to two new colleagues: Martin Schiewe and Bas Brinksma.

New colleague: Project Manager Martin Schiewe

Martin will be joining the NIJL team as Project Manager (alongside Ton Sonneveld).

Martin: "The past 11 years I was able to develop my skillsets in different roles in the power generation and petrochemical industry serving mainly the US and Asian customers.

Starting my new role as project manager at NIJL, I am looking forward to develop new skillsets, learn about new industries and to help NIJL in their efforts to grow the product range, markets served as well as the operating efficiency.

As the central point between the customer, subcontractors and our team I am excited to contribute to finding the best solution for whatever needs and challenges arise."

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New colleague: Proposal Coordinator Bas Brinksma

Bas joins the NIJL team in the role of Proposal Coordinator.

Bas "I am Bas Brinksma, 27 years old and since the 1st of January I can proudly call myself a part of the NIJL team!

As a Proposal Coordinator it is my responsibility to prepare quotes for our customers. This requires me to bring every aspect of our business together.

From Engineering to Manufacturing, Quality & Transportation, everything will be included if the customer so desires.

With a background in the Automotive and Luxury Yacht industry, I am familiar with customers who deserve nothing but the best!

I look forward to emerging as an expert in the aircraft industry and delighting customers worldwide with our NIJL products."


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Martin and Bas, we wish you both a great time at NIJL!