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Meet new team members Dinesh and Jeroen

Meet new team members Dinesh and Jeroen

The image shows Dinesh (left) together with Jeroen.

The team keeps growing! Please join us in welcoming Dinesh and Jeroen! Dinesh and Jeroen are new at our engineering department. They both bring many years of experience and are a great addition to our growing team.

New colleague: engineer Dinesh

Dinesh: "I started as an Engineer in the Engineering department at NIJL. I started my career as trainee and worked in various domine such as welding fixtures in automobile and Industrial silencer. I like the job at NIJL because I like to learn new techniques, since the product and software’s are totally different from my previous work, and I like to face the new challenges along with team support and gain knowledge. Hope I will travel with the NIJL team together for long a way."

New colleague: engineer Jeroen

Jeroen: "After many years of wording as a mechanical engineer in special machinery I was ready for a new challenge. I wanted to widen my skill set and challenge myself by learning new software and work in a new industry. I also was looking for a smaller and therefore more personal company. NIJL ticked all the boxes for me." 

We wish Dinesh and Jeroen a great time at NIJL!