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Mobile Tail Dock for narrow and wide body aircraft


Tail Dock NIJL Aircraft Docking

With our mobile tail dock you can perform inspections and maintenance to all the aircraft in your fleet. The dock can be repositioned or stored at any desired location in the hangar.

The tail dock consists of two main assemblies:

  1. Mobile tower, equipped with a towbar for positioning the dock
  2. Working platform for maintenance on vertical stabilizer. The platform has a height adjustment system with electrically driven spindles. The working platform can be raised and lowered to adjust the working height to the type of docked aircraft.

The maintenance platform has extendable floors, which can be retracted and extended. The floors closes the gap around the vertical stabilizer.

Optimal safety due to sensors

Underneath the platform, at the rear of each extendable floor, are sensors mounted to detect if the extendable floor is retracted. 2-D lasers scanners are mounted to monitor the presence of an aircraft and the laser scanners control the system so the maintenance platform won’t touch the aircraft.


  • Maintenance platform suitable for 10 mechanics
  • For 737, 747, 767, 777, 787 and A320 family, A330, A350
  • Tail Dock suitable for rudder travel test
  • 21 meters high
  • Working height from 5.4 meters to 16.80 meters.
  • Maintenance platform floor can be fixed at any desired height and is accessible via staircase

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