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Multifunctional Cargo Door Stands

Multifunctional Cargo Door Stands

A lot of airlines are transforming passenger aircraft into cargo aircraft. They are using all available cabin space for, for instance, medical supplies and personal protective equipment.

This leads to a higher workload on cargo door stands and stairs, which results in a higher demand for those stands and maintenance to the equipment to extend the lifetime.
NIJL delivers cargo door stands and stairs for all aircraft types. We can also modify stands to make it fit for your aircraft. Please take a look at our Cargo Door Stands portfolio to find out more. 

Benefits NIJL Cargo Door Stands:

  • Height adjustable cargo door stands to cater for several aircraft types (manual operated gear rack)
  • Access to FWD and AFT cargo door
  • Available in low and high speed
  • Available with wide and narrow work platform