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Narrow Body Docking Solutions surpassing expectations


Aircraft mechanics and engineers should focus on the maintenance job, not on how to get safe and optimal access to the aircraft. We know aircraft maintenance and what your challenges are. We offer a solution that is engineered to your specific needs; based on proven technology and that embeds years of experience with MRO's worldwide in optimizing their efficiency and reducing their total costs.

NIJL Aircraft Docking has a long track record when it comes to delivering Narrow Body Docking System. Continuous product development and improvement is important to us, to ensure that our solutions keep meeting the industry standards and surpass your expectations. Therefor we are more than fit to deliver your A320/B737 Docking Solution for your base maintenance activities.

The full A320/B737 Docking Solution for on wheels / on jacks comprises:

  • A320/B737 Nose dock:
    -PAX door + cockpit window access
    -Possible to open Radome with nose dock in place
  • A320/B737 Wing dock:  
    -Outer and inner wing dock area
    -Inclusive upper wing access stand
  • A320/B737 Tail dock:  
    -APU installation & removal possible with dock on place
    -Suitable for tail-in and nose-in docking
  • A320/B737 PAX stands:  
    -Wide platform
  • A320/B737 Cargo stands:  
    -Movable by one person
  • A320 Avionics stands:  
    -Flexible Railing System (FRS)
    -Multipurpose use

To find out more about our Narrow Body Docking Solution, please contact us or send us your Request Form at the right side of this page.