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New! Compact platform design with Nose Dock features


New! Compact platform design with Nose Dock features

This year we had the honor of collaborating with Czech Airlines Technics to develop a special compact aircraft Nose Access Stand. The access stand featues a compact design, but offers all the benefits of a complete Nose Dock. 

Key benefits

+ Platform is sized and configurable for seats and galley removal

+ One product provides access to both sides of the aircraft

+ For both PAX Door and Cockpit Window access

+ Large working platform

+ Height adjustable

+ Adjustable railings and floors for optimal access and fall protection

+ Easy to maneuver

+ Takes up very minimal space in the hangar


Contact us for more information and the possibilities about this Compact Nose Access Stand. Or discover more about this access stand in the leaflet. 


9074 - NIJL Leaflet – NB Compact Nose Access Stand (Rev0 231024)