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New design APU scissor lift for A320 and B737


New design APU scissor lift for Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 APU maintenance. With our new design APU scissor lift, performing maintenance to the APU becomes safer and easier. The platform is designed with a large working platform, so the APU can be placed on the platform while performing line maintenance. There is also enough space to store tools on the APU lift. 

Our engineering team has given special attention in the design to the following aspects:

    • the apu lift has a stable and robust design with reduced footprint
    • self-closing gate to prevent falling from the platform
    • electric height adjustment system with remote control
    • safety valve for control on the ground in case of emergency
    • platform maximum load is 750 kilogram, that is a maximum of 3 engineers with their tools and the APU placed on the platform
    • Removable fence to easily transport tools or APU to or from the working platform
    • Built-in stairs to enter the working platform
    • Including tow bar

This specific new APU scissor lift design is optimized for the Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 (on wheels), but can be optimized for any type of aircraft.

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