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NIJL Access platforms and stands for business jets!


NIJL now also provides platforms, stands and stairs for business jets!

For maintenance and inspections of the tail we have specially developed a tail dock, that makes performing inspections and maintenance easier, it can be carried out faster and, above all, much safer.


  • Fast and easy maintenance and inspections
  • Safe working environment for technicians
  • Fits many types of business jets, because of adjustable height system (for instance, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer, Cessna etc.)


  • For vertical and horizontal tail maintenance and inspections
  • Adjustable height system for perfect fit and applicable to multiple aircraft types
  • Platform consists of two levels:
    • Bottom floor is for vertical tail
    • Top floor is for horizontal tail
  • Retractable floors to tightly enclose the aircraft for a safe working environment
  • Eight technicians can work simultaneously on the dock
  • Towbar included
  • Optional: electrical mover to easily move the dock

The NIJL business jets platforms are available for, for instance:

  • Gulfstream G-series
  • Bombardier Global Aircraft types
  • Bombardier Learjet
  • Dassault Falcon
  • Cessna Citation
  • Embraer ERJ-series (legacy)
  • Boeing 737 Boeing Business Jets familiy (BBJ-family)
  • Airbus A320 Corporate Jets-family (CJ-family)

Please contact us to find out more about our business jets access solutions.