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NIJL Aircraft Docking @ MRO Americas

NIJL Aircraft Docking @ MRO Americas

Dean Calin, our North American Sales Manager, will be attending MRO Americas in Orlando, Florida on April 27-28. Dean will be discussing NIJL’s expansion in the North American market, featuring the NIJL product line of maintenance and fall protection stands for civilian, cargo and military aircraft as well as aircraft conversions. 

NIJL Aircraft Docking: your partner for a safe working environment

  • Over 50 years of experience in aircraft docking systems and ground support equipment.
  • World leader in designing, manufacturing and turn-key delivery of lifting and transportation gear, steel and aluminium docking systems, stairs, stands, and working platforms.
  • Equipment for commercial, cargo, aircraft conversions, paint, recycling, assembly lines, business jets and military aircraft.
  • NIJL supplies both standard products for the most common access points on the aircraft and tailor-made stands as well as docking systems for specific customer requirements.
  • Global player, local sales partners and manufacturing
  • DoD registered
  • ISO certified

MRO Americas exhibition

The MRO Americas exhibition is one of the oldest and largest B2B commercial airline trade shows in the world. After being effectively closed in 2020, the event is coming back as a live event this year on April 27-29, 2021 at the Orange County Convention Center, South Concourse in Orlando, Florida, USA. The event has long been an amazing gathering of all of the top and up-and-coming companies involved in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of commercial aircraft. Typical exhibitors are heavy maintenance facilities, airlines with their own MRO facilities, specialty repair shops, original equipment manufacturers representing factory new replacement parts as well as factory overhauled equipment, surplus aircraft parts suppliers (from teardowns), aircraft parts distributors and aircraft parts brokers. There is also a representation of companies that make or supply test equipment, maintenance stands, aircraft jacks, coatings and chemical products, software, and other services. NIJL Aircraft Docking’s North American sales manager Dean Calin will be attending the event to meet with various, existing customers and to meet some prospects for our aircraft access and fall protection stands.

This event began in 1996 as MRO ’96 in Dallas, Texas. The event was presented by the Aviation Week Group and The Canaan Group, Ltd. The 2021 event will be slightly downsized due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but it is clear that the commercial aerospace industry is poised for a dramatic return to high-volume passenger travel. An event map can be viewed here: