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NIJL service all over the world

NIJL service all over the world

Extending the lifetime of your Docking System and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is our business. The NIJL service team travels all over the world, from Malta to Puerto Rico and Korea, to perform inspections to your equipment. The inspections are not only limited to NIJL equipment, but also to the equipment of other suppliers.
NIJL is also able to assist in determining the possibilities how the equipment can cater other aircraft types. When necessary, NIJL can execute required modifications as well.

Your benefits by carrying out inspections by the NIJL service team:

  • Many years of in-dept knowledge
  • We deliver all required spare parts
  • We train your employees to ensure properly use of your equipment
  • We maximize your productivity and efficiency by performing inspections regularly
  • With this we reduce maintenance and operation costs
  • Inspections and service not only limited to NIJL Docking Systems and GSE

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