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NIJL Service: you are completely unburdened

NIJL Service: you are completely unburdened

Lately the NIJL Service team has been conducting many recurring inspections on Tail and Fuselage Docks, Nose Docks, stands and stairs. They performed inspection & maintenance on the docks and GSE with the necessary maintenance, so that the equipment continue to meet all safety requirements and to reduce the down-time of your assets due to repairs.

Many of our customers immediately conclude a maintenance contract with us when purchasing a dock or GSE. Advantages for you as a customer:

  • NIJL keeps track of when an inspection has to be done (to meet all safety standards)
  • Maintenance takes place in a timely manner, so that any defects are detected and remedied early
  • The right spare parts that belongs to the equipment are delivered and placed
  • We restock your stock of spare parts
  • Inspections and maintenance is done by an independent specialist from NIJL instead of your own mechanics whom also work with the equipment
  • Finally, you are the expert in doing maintenance on aircrafts, NIJL is the expert in doing maintenance on docking systems and GSE!

Another aspect carried by our Service department , in conjunction with our Engineering Department, is the assessment, recommendation and execution of existing docking systems and mobile access equipment modifications, required due to other aircraft types in your capability list or increase of access areas to your aircrafts.

We also carry out modifications to your docks and GSE, for instance to make it fit for other aircraft types.

Would you like to find out what our NIJL Service team can do for you? Please fill in the contact form and our Service Coordinator, Michel Roetert, will contact you shortly.