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Full range of A330MRTT equipment

Full range of A330MRTT equipment

NIJL is very pleased and extremely proud to announce the successful commissioning & acceptance by NSPA
of the NIJL A330MRTT Access Equipment for the MMU base in Eindhoven and Cologne.
The entire delivery compromise of over 30 MRTT access stands
for nose to tail access on the A330MRTT aircraft.

NIJL has already a successful range of A330MRTT access stands for Airbus DS
with deliveries world-wide since 2012. Our modular GSE stands feature robust stair
design with either low-speed wheel packages for hangar use or high-speed wheels packages
for towing on the apron (25 km/h).
The ease-of-mobility and quickly configurable railing system
contributes to our vision on ergonomics and safety.