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Pax Door/Cockpit Window stand A220/ERJ190


To perform maintenance on the outside of the cockpit and the FWD Pax Door NIJL developed a special Cockpit Window Stand.

The design on the photographs is optimised for the A220/ERJ190 series.

The stand is easy adjustable in height due to a hydraulic pump system. To ensure safe working on the platform, there is a mechanical locking system to lock the working platform at the right height.
Like all our stands rubber padding for aircraft skin protection surrounds the platform.

Your benefits

  • Ergonomic working conditions due to fit for purpose design and optional height adjustment
  • Easy to manoeuvre because of aluminium tubes, swivel castors and tow bar
  • The stand is easy movable by hand by one person.
  • Reduced footprint
  • Multifunctional; one stairs that caters for Pax Door and Cockpit Window area
Designs for other aircraft types are possible as well, like the B777, B747, A330 and A350.