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Safety First

From the NIJL Service Team:
"Recently we completed a modification job on two identical nose docks that are armed with automated aircraft adjustments that make them suitable for the following type of aircrafts:
  • AIRBUS: A380-800; A350-1000; A350-900; A350-800
  • BOEING: B787-10; B787-9; B787-8; B777-300 (All variants); B777-200 (All variants); B767-300ER; B747-400
These nose dock have bumpers with proximity sensors installed on the edges of the sliding floors. NIJL replaced these bumpers with better responding bumpers so the sliding floors are positioned more safely (for the aircraft) and respond more accurate when the bumpers touch the aircraft.
Next to the modification of the bumpers, NIJL installed plug-in rails on a hatch where currently a safety cord was installed. As this hatch needs to be opened frequently, the plug-in rails can be removed easily and stored on another section of the dock when this hatch is opened. With this modification the dock platform provides for an optimal, safe and ergonomically reliable working area.”

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