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Succesful delivery of Multipurpose and Cargo Door access stands

Succesful delivery of Multipurpose and Cargo Door access stands

We successfully delivered a multifunctional height adjustable access stand and two fixed height Cargo Door access stands. 

Multi-Functional Access Stand

The multifunctional access stand provides access to the FWD/AFT PAX door, the windshield on one side of the aircraft, the engine pylon and the elevator (horizontal tailplane).

The stand is configured from our modular height adjustable stair design with base and selected options. Please check our leaflet to find out more about the access stand and the optional packages.  

  • Minimum operating platform height: approx. 2730 mm
  • Maximum operating platform height: approx. 3990 mm
  • Platform WxD 1000 x 1100 mm
  • Black non-staining rubber protection
  • Non-skid aluminium flooring and steps
  • Aluminium railing included according to applicable standards
  • Slidable railing included for safety (fall protection)

Benefit: it serves multiple aircraft types and multiple aircraft maintenance areas. 

Cargo Door Access Step with flexible railing system

Upon receiving the customer's request for an efficient and safe access solution to the FWD/AFT Cargo Compartment, we recommended a Fixed Height Stair with an adjustable railing system, ensuring compatibility with various aircraft types. The access stair comprises a Lower frame, Stair flight, and a large platform.

  • Fixed platform height : approx. 1890 mm
  • Platform WxD approx. 2000 x 1500 mm
  • Black non-staining rubber to protect the aircraft skin
  • Non-skid aluminium steps and flooring
  • Aluminium railing included according to applicable standards

In this particular case the Cargo Access Step is optimized for the A320 and A321 aircraft, but we can optimize it for any type of aircraft. Please contact us for the possibilities.

The supplied stands are part of the NIJL modular design line. If you would like to have more information or if you want to make an inquiry, please contact us or fill in the contact form.