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Tailor-made access solutions

Tailor-made access solutions

Late last year, one of our highly valued customers came to us with a request to make four tailor-made stairs to have access to the FWD PAX entry doors. The challenge was to have the stairs multi-functional (E-195/A320 fam) and with a small footprint due to space (constraints) in the hangar.

The customer had a number of special requirements that we included in the design, including:

  • Hydraulic height adjustable
  • Suitable for aircraft on wheels and jacked
  • Small platform
  • High speed version (up to 25 km/h)
  • The stairs had to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Railing on the platform must be adjustable to open the Pax Door

Our engineers have worked closely with the customer to incorporate all specific requirements into the design. The stairs are also delivered in the desired colors.

On the photographs you will see the result: 4 FWD PAX Entry Door access stands.

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