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Universal Nose Dock Solution for both narrow and wide body aircraft


It goes without saying that a commercial aircraft generates no income while staying in the hangar. Therefore, well trained engineers and the right tooling are needed when performing maintenance, repair and overhaul jobs so the aircraft can return to service as soon as possible.

Using safe, sustainable and flexible working platforms will definitely accelerate the maintenance process and make the maintenance job more cost effective.

When a MRO facility is focused on a certain type of aircraft, aircraft dedicated equipment is most cost effective. But more and more MRO facilities are tasked with repair of a wide assortment of airframes and therefor need docking systems that are able to morph quickly around different types of aircraft.

This is where NIJL comes in and can play a key role in the success of the MRO facility by delivering a multifunctional combination docking system. Aside from the innovative Universal Tail Dock that gives access to B737 up to A380 aircraft, NIJL has developed an Universal Nose Dock solution.

Recently our valued client Austrian Airlines has taken our Universal Nose Dock that caters for narrow body as well as wide body aircraft types, into service.

3-D models are made of each aircraft and then a 3-D model of a proposed solution put forward, which was discussed at length with our customer.

This Universal Nose Dock services A320, A350, B737, B767, B777, B787 and EMB-195 Aircraft.

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