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Upcoming projects

Upcoming projects

At the moment we are working on many new projects for the commercial, cargo and military aviation, like: 

  • A330 MRTT access stands & platforms
  • Narrow Body Nose platform for a final assembly line
  • Complete dock specially designed for the conversion of a Narrow Body passenger aircraft into a radar surveillance aircraft.

Where we previously saw that commercial aviation predominantly had the upper hand, we now see many orders coming from the military aviation and since COVID-19 also more orders coming from cargo airlines.

In addition, since last year we have also broadened our scope towards platforms for working at height within other industries, like rail, automotive and the power and process industry.

In the next months we will also deliver access platforms for the heat exchange and we have been also successful in delivering industrial platforms for the automotive and process industry.

More information and photo’s about the mentioned projects will be available via our newsletter, website and LinkedIn soon.