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Video NIJL A330 MRTT stands in use


We are very proud to see our Airbus A330 MRTT access stands in use! 

At the moment we are finalizing the delivery of many A330 MRTT stand and platforms to several military bases. For the A310 and A330 we have designed a complete package of access stands and platforms, consisting of:

  • Wheel well stands
  • Engine stands
  • Cargo stand
  • APU stand
  • Pax stand
  • Inner Wing stand
  • Outer Wing stand
  • Fuselage Work stand
  • Various multipurpose stands (fixed height or adjustable height)
  • Also possible: A330 MRTT Docking System for heavy maintenance jobs incl. the POD access platform.

This complete package ensures safe access for all the maintenance engineers performing maintenance and inspections to all parts of the MRTT aircraft. 

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(video credits to: ADC Olivier & AVT Axel)

Would you like to find out more about our A310 and A330 MRTT access stands? Please fill in the contact form or send us an email. We will contact you shortly and provide you with more information.