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Wheel well stand for P2F or regular maintenance

Wheel well stand for P2F or regular maintenance

Whether you want to carry out maintenance to the wheel well or main landing gear, or you want to convert passenger aircraft to cargo aircraft, the NIJL wheel well stand is suitable for all types of work.

Wheel well stand for aircraft conversions

This wheel well stand is multifunctional and fits the whole wheel well compartment of the main landing gear. With this specific wheel well stand, optimized for the Boeing 777, you can carry out maintenance and checks to the wheel well compartment or you can convert a passenger aircraft to a freighter plane. 

Specifications P2F B777 Wheel well stand

  • Height adjustable with hydraulic movement
  • Wheel well stand fits both left and right side 
  • Platform covers whole wheel well area
  • Foldable handrailing
  • For aircraft on wheels and jacked
  • Fits multiple wide body aircraft, only one position necessary for converting multiple wide body aircraft from passenger to cargo

This specific wheel well stand fits the B777-300ER | B777-300ERSF | B777-300ERSF series. We can optimize the wheel well stand for all types of aircraft. 

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