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Wheel Well Stand with plugin railing


Another Wheel Well Stand left the NIJL workshop in Zwolle this month. This special type of Wheel Well Stand was supplied as a pair; a left and right side. 

Plugin railing

Special about this Wheel Well Stand is the plugin railing. This makes the stand multifunctional. It fits several aircraft types, like the B747, B787, A330 and A340. The stand comes with a 3 step stair.

The plugin railing, when not in use, is easy to store in the special compartment underneath the working platform.
The stair is easy to manoeuvre by one person because of the optimal mix of steel and aluminium.

Your Benefits

• Optimal working conditions due to fit for purpose design and height adjustment
• Easy to manoeuvre due to use of aluminium tubes and swivel castors

On the photographs you will see the Wheel Well Stand ready for shipment.

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