Engine Access Equipment

Aircraft type
  • B787
  • A350

It goes without saying that aircraft engine maintenance comes with challenges! The working space is limited and easily becomes unsafe. Besides that, maintenance damage can represent significant costs when damaged components need to be repaired or replaced. And that is only a small part of the cost when delay in maintenance time results in flight delay or cancellations.

To tackle these issues NIJL Aircraft Docking has designed engine access equipment to ensure safe, fast and sustainable maintenance. The equipment is mainly designed for wide body aircraft range, such as the A350 and B787 that have the biggest access challenges. NIJL engine access stands are available in several spec ranges, catering for different engine types.

• Under Cowl Stand (hinges)
• AFT / Cone Engine Stand
• Pylon Stand
• FRS Stand Under Cowl (oil)
• Engine Inlet Stand
• Fan Blade Carousel
• D-duct stand

How do these stands ensure optimal, fast and safe access around the engine? Just a few features:

  • The NIJL Under Cowl Stand is specifically designed for engine access without disassembling the engine fan cowlings. The stand is narrow enough to be positioned in between engine and fan cowling and can be adjusted to the height that is needed to create an optimal, safe and ergonomically reliable working area. The Under Cowl Stand is also equipped with a sliding floor. Even the difficult to reach engine cowling hinges can easily and safely be accessed.
  • The work platform of the Engine Cone Stand is designed to give optimal access to the engine cone (exhaust) and rear (underwing) pylon. Additional platforms provide for thrust reverser and D-duct access.
  • Our mobile service stand with unique Flexible Railing System (FRS II®) is the ideal stand for the limited space under cowl for oil checks but also suitable for other areas with limited space such as the wings or belly of the aircraft. Raise the guard railing where necessary and lower the railing for optimal access.
  • The fan blade carousel is designed for the temporarily storage of fan blades of the engine during maintenance work. The fan blades will be positioned in tip down position and will rest on a soft surface to prevent any damage to the fan blades during storage. The carousel is equipped with 4x swivel wheels and forklift slots to lift the carousel up to the desired working platform. Together with the engine inlet stand it makes the perfect match.

What’s more?

  • NIJL can make detailed 3D scans of the aircraft engines resulting in very accurately engineering and manufacturing of the various Engine Access Stands to fit the specific aircraft and engine type combination.
  • NIJL Engine Access stands are available in High Speed (HS) for ramp use to allow towing up to 30 km/h as well as Low Speed (LS) for use within the hangar.
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