JSF F135 engine dock

Aircraft type
  • A400M
  • F35 (JSF)
  • A330 MRTT

The docks are specially designed for F135 engine maintenance. 


  • No lifting risks of the expensive and heavy weighted engine.
  • Proven technology because we use similar techniques as we use throughout our height adjustable aircraft docking systems
  • Safety comes first. The platform is secured with sensors and alarm system to guarantee the safety of the engineers during performing engine maintenance.
  • A service contract for the upcoming 20 years for maintenance and inspection is included,
  • Supplying the platforms to other countries but the Netherlands is one of the opportunities.
  • No additional stabilization scissor lift needed for lifting operation of the engine.
  • The platform can be repositioned after installation. No floor adjustments (pits) needed to install scissor lifts.

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