Pylon & Inner Wing stand - Wide Body

Aircraft type
  • A320 family
  • EMB 170-195
  • A330
  • A340
  • A350
  • EMB 135-145
  • A380
  • B737
  • B757
  • B747
  • B767
  • B787
  • B777

This unique Pylon & Inner Wing stand gives access to the Pylon (engine to front side) and the Inner Wing (wing slats retracted).

This version of the stand is specifically designed for the A330 – 200 (GE engines) and the B777 – 200ER (GE engines). 


  • Made of an optimal mix of steel and aluminium in order to optimise structural performance and weight and therefore easy to move by hand.
  • Height adjustment system features mechanical locking mechanism to ensure safe working at height.
  • The hydraulic system accounts for the ease of height adjustment and stand-alone operations.
  • At both sides of the working platform are slidable gates mounted and can be manually operated with incremental locking positions. 
  • Vertical height adjustable fences close the gap between the aircraft skin and working platform.
  • Tow bar for towing by tow vehicle (max. 5 km/h)


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