Wing Dock for A320 / B737

Aircraft type
  • A320 family
  • B737
  • Czech Republic

This NIJL Aircraft Docking wing docking system serves for the execution of A319/A320/A321 and the B737-600/700/800/900 aircraft maintenance activities. It provides a safe working area for your technicians and reduces maintenance time.


  • The movable dock is designed to be as light as possible to allow easy moving by a few persons or by towing vehicle.
  • The wing dock will be height adjustable by means of hydraulics with electrical pump, which gives the most optimal ergonomically working conditions. Height adjustment to vary the height to be able to fit the aircrafts on wheels and jacks (up to landing gear swing test).
  • Non-slip aluminium checkered plate (Skydrol resistant) is used for the floor covering of the dock.

This A320 / B737 Wing Dock is made out of both steel and aluminum. NIJL uses an optimal mix of steel and aluminum. The steel is required for strength and stability of the dock. All steel parts are protected against corrosion.

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