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E7 Dock 'First British E-7 Wedgetail aircraft coming together'


We are very proud to be part of this ambitious project!

For the E7 we were able to design and deliver a complete docking system for STS Aviation Group (conversion of B737 NG aircraft into E7 aircraft). 

The complete docking system consists of separate mobile platforms, for instance a Nose Dock, Fuselage FWD and AFT, FWD Pax and Tail Dock.

Would you like to have more information? View here for more information about the E7 docking system.

Read here the Article 'First British E-7 Wedgetail aircraft coming together' by George Allison. 

E7 Wedgetail radar aircraft boeing 737 conversion docking system NIJL Aircraft Docking

Source: UK Defence Journal, George Allison, November 23, 2021