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Engine Access issues solved by NIJL Aircraft Docking

Engine Access issues solved by NIJL Aircraft Docking

Without saying aircraft engine maintenance comes with challenges! Working space becomes limited and unsafe. Besides that, maintenance damage can represent significant costs when damaged components need to be repaired or replaced. And that is only a small part of the costs when delay in maintenance time, results in flight delay or cancellations.

To tackle these issues NIJL Aircraft Docking has designed engine access equipment to ensure safe, fast and sustainable maintenance:

  • Under Cowl Stand (hinges)
  • AFT / Cone Engine Stand
  • Pylon Stand
  • FRS Stand Under Cowl (oil)
  • Engine Inlet Stand
  • Fan Blade Carousel

Access solutions for military aircraft

NIJL is not only limited to Commercial Aviation only, because NIJL is now also finding access solutions for the military aircraft. New is the engine dock for the JSF (F35), the military aircraft. NIJL delivers four in height adjustable stands for the Dutch Ministry of Defence. This including a service contract for the upcoming 20 years for maintenance and inspection of the F135 engines. Currently this is only in the Netherlands, but delivering in other countries for the JSF is one of the opportunities.

Key benefits of the engine dock for the JSF:

  • Height adjustable platform eliminates risks (engine lifting risks). No lifting operation with expensive engine in vertical position needed.
    Lifting a weight of ~4000kg (engine) with an high centre of gravity is not recommended. Risk due to lifting the engine is therefore limited.
  • Proven technology. Similar techniques are used throughout our height adjustable aircraft docking systems. Like wing docks, nose docks and tail docks.
  • No additional stabilization scissor lift needed for lifting operation of the engine.
  • Platform can be repositioned after installation. No floor adjustments (pits) needed to install scissor lifts.

Read the newspaper article about the new engine dock for the JSF.