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Interior Lift; for narrow and wide body, minimum footprint


Interior Lifts are specially designed to transport (heavy) interior items into the aircraft or to remove them easily from the aircraft. NIJL developed interior lifts that both fits narrow and wide body aircrafts with a minimum footprint!

There are different types of interior lifts:

NIJL Interior lifts are designed to ensure that maintenance can be performed safely and to ensure that the aircraft and interior equipment are safe during maintenance.
To meet the needs of the customer, NIJL developed a new interior lift that can move all the way to the ground. This new system makes it easier to pick up heavy duty from the ground.

The lift you will see on the image above is a lift that can move all the way to the ground. More interior lifts are shown in the galery. Like the lift to transport business seats into an aircraft. It can also be used to serve other purpopes and other aircrafts as well.

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