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NIJL Aircraft Docking officially DoD registered

NIJL Aircraft Docking officially DoD registered

Since expanding our sales for the North American market with our North American Sales Manager, Dean Calin, we have embarked on another important mission. We are now officially DoD registered and are therefore allowed to bid and receive contracts for the US government.

Several NIJL employees are undergoing advanced training to be able to discover and win bids for the US government. Government contracting specialist, Stephanie Blankenship, is consulting with us on this project.

The first part of her mission was to set up NIJL as a fully registered entity permitted to bid on and receive contracts for US government solicitations. With this authorization NIJL Aircraft Docking will be able to bid on contracts from all US departments, from every military branch such as Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Space Force to many other organizations such as The Department of Agriculture, Federal Aviation Administration, Border Patrol and more.  

After this program is underway NIJL will be able to bid directly on opportunities to supply these agencies with equipment and services and not have to rely on brokers. This will increase our profit and exposure to new opportunities once we have been established in the US government database of suppliers.

NIJL: successful supplier of military access equipment

And, while we are very familiar with commercial and cargo aerospace aircraft and applications, and are a successful supplier of military access solutions for the European market (JSF, MRTT), this provides a whole new range of opportunities to quote on for military aircraft and their own requirements for the US government.

Initial investigations during our tutorials revealed opportunities with F-16 fighter jets and KC-135 Stratotankers! This expansion to our capabilities will make it ideal to service other countries that are flying American-built combat aircraft and support vehicles. NIJL’s production and capabilities of military products will be geared towards fleet readiness to support the US DoD and the warfighter.

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