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NIJL service; quality and safety first

NIJL service; quality and safety first


NIJL service; quality and safety first

Reducing downtime of an airplane and extending the lifetime of your Docking System and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is our business. Our service team is always on the go to inspect the performance of Docking Systems and GSE all around the globe. Therefore we are able to detect failures in an early stage. This will prevent costly downtime and, of great importance, the quality and safety of the dock remains guaranteed.

Inspection method

With many years of experience we developed a tool the service team uses when conducting the inspection. This is how we make sure all components are well checked. With the NIJL guidelines we make sure that your equipment still complies with all required technical and very important; health and safety regulations.
After completing the inspection, you will receive an inspection report including a resume with the malfunctions listed. NIJL is able to solve and repair all the malfunctions and deliver all required spareparts.

Your benefits by carrying out inspections by the NIJL service team:

  • Our service team has in-dept knowledge
  • We deliver all required spareparts
  • Our service team is able to train your employees to ensure properly use of your equipment
  • We maximize your productivity and efficiency by performing inspections regularly
  • With this we reduce operation and maintenance costs
  • Effective maintenance schedule

Performing inspections not only limited to NIJL Docking Systems and GSE

The inspections are not only limited to NIJL access equipment, our service team can also perfom inspections on docks and GSE from other manufacturers.

Required modifications

NIJL is also able to assist in determining the possibilities how the equipment can cater other aircraft types. When necessary, NIJL can execute required modifications as well. Fill in the contact form for more information

On the image above you will see Michel Roetert, NIJL Service Coordinator.