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Ready for A350?


As all operators will agree, getting the Entry Into Service of a new aircraft done, can be quite a challenge. Since our customer’s success is fundamental to us, we have been working hard to contribute to make sure that new A350 aircraft operations got started on the right foot. We developed and delivered a complete Entry Into Service access package and full service to the European A350 launching customer.

With the advanced 3D scanner we were able to make detailed 3D aircraft scans before the A350 was launched to the airliner. At the time the aircraft first arrived at the airport the A350 Access Stands had already been delivered to the hangar and could be fitted around the aircraft directly.

Since then we have provided many operators with our A350 Access Equipment:

  • PAX Stands
  • PAX + Cockpit Window Stands
  • Wheel Well Stands
  • Cargo Door Stands
  • Undercowl  Stands
  • Pylon Stands
  • Engine Cone Stands
  • Avionics Stands
  • Fan Blade Stands
  • Nose Landing Gear Stands
  • Main Landing Gear Stands
  • Electrical Stand Movers

Even accessibility to a variety of aircraft types by using one piece of equipment, belongs to the possibilities.

Please contact us or fill in the request form to learn more about our Entry Into Service Access Equipment.