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Under Cowl Stand; multiple purposes


To meet the industry requirements and to make engine maintenance more easy and safe, we developed the Under Cowl Stand (UCS).

The NIJL multi-functional Under Cowl Stand is specifically designed for inboard and outboard engine access. Major advantage; the engine fan cowlings don’t need to be disassembled. The work platform is in height adjustable to create an optimal, safe and ergonomically reliable working area. A slideable floor makes engine maintenance safe at all locations. Also the difficult to reach engine cowling hinges are safely and easily obtainable.

The Under Cowl Stand is designed for different wide body engines. The positioning of the stand is beween the engine and the fan cowling. Instead of using three stairs, with the Under Cowl Stand only one stand is needed. When the cowlings are closed, the stand also gives access to the Pylon.

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